domingo, 11 de setembro de 2011

September11 - Twin Towers - Song “Win Over Rage”

Peaceful Message for a world without wars, this song has a reference date of September11-2001. It was born one day after the attack at Twin Towers (World Trade Center - USA), by Cristiano G. Salge 1.
Even after 10 years, this event is still sadly remembering by whole population, so this song is dedicated not only to victims directly and indirectly linked to this disaster, but also to all nations. The desire to awaken together for the common peace, fraternity and welcome to the brotherhood between real people.
Follow the video and lyrics 2 and 3:
Sinful flights have torn the skies and people's hearts
They ended taking dreams, stories, lives
Leaving no reasons nor whys

In the ground fallen are towers
Powder and terror 'r filling the air
In the blue angels struggle to grasp
How come this same man can also love

Bloodshed from these moral wounds
Human kind will never wipe it out
The souls trapped in sorrow 'n grief
Only time will thrive to set them free

If fury's on the sight range, win over rage
as it will not restore thy souls
Thy revenge brings no avenge
Instead inflates the anger thrown back to you

To kill will never cure the terror in your eyes
And hit cannot bring no one back, it ain't no remedy
Come on! You can also start to spread good messages to the world, sending this video to your e-mail contact list and entities seeking world union... Do your part for a peaceful world!
Unfortunately ignorance is bigger than love in this world. However, whether in your city, in Rio de Janeiro, China, USA, the Middle East, we are all equal before the Life. So send it to everyone... This simple act can improve the community where you live.
1 Cristiano G. Salge –
2 Original in Portuguese on Youtube –  
3 Original in English on Youtube –

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